End Times Matrix News – Obamatics

On this edition, I report on the alarming possibility of a False Flag Event occurring over or during the governments summer break during August.  With the southern border wide open and the outbreak of Ebola across Africa, the likelihood that there could be a pandemic in America is very likely.  Several subversive techniques will be used against the American public and pandemics is one of those techniques that will be used to weaken American sovereignty.  I also cover all the Sal Alinsky techniques that are being used by Obama to provoke the American public into screaming for his impeachment.  Everything is orchestrated and controlled by the Elite societal controllers and their god Satan.  So listen in as we plow through the Matrix of deception that is This End Times Matrix in America.


Sal Alinsky Trained To Divide and Conquer America

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Obama’s American Pandemic

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End Times Matrix News


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