End Times Matrix News – Lunatics

On this episode of End Times Matrix News, I cover all the strange news stories and movie trailers that are foreshadowing an imminent tragedy.  For those that follow media manufactured false flag events, they will notice all the strange correlations that Hollywood is putting out with most of the images surrounding the City of New York.  New York City is considered by many as a the modern likely Biblical city of Babylon.  It is amazing how many movies are focusing on the destruction of NYC and The Statue of Liberty.  In the big scheme of things it looks like the destruction of Wall Street will seal the death of the dollar and allow The City of London to emerge as the center of finance after pinning all the criminal banking squarely on the destroyed Wall Street Old Order Financial Petrodollar system.  So join me and get a pad and paper so you can research the videos I reference in this show.



Show Links For Pop Culture Trailers Mentioned:

1) White Surrender Flag on Brooklyn Bridge Video and Obama New World Order Video

2) The Simpsons FXX Marathon 8/21/14 (Notice Rapture Elements with lawn mower and overflowing sink as people disappear.  Of course reference To No God is in line with Goal of Albert Pikes WW3.  People will turn to Lucifer).

3) Sharknado2 7/30/14 (NYC is destroyed by a Shark Tornado, Shark is an illuminati code word, Angel in The whirlwind from George Bush, Decapitated Statue of Liberty, End Times symbolism.  Rioting, chaos, etc.)

4) Planet of The Apes (The New Apes movie basically involves a chimera storyline as in the Days of Noah and the Newly Darwinian Evolved Species exterminating the less Developed Homo Sapiens)


Statue of Liberty From Original Planet Of The Apes


Illuminati Bridge symbolism with Evolution and Revolution Communist Fist

5) Saint Johns Cathedral in Manhattan ( Here is an extensive explanation of The Apocalyptic Imagery On The Columns Story )


Amazing scenes of destruction including vehicles falling from bridge


Close up of destruction even showing twin towers

6) Satanic Trinity– (This Link Gives a Great Compressed Compilation of Satan’s Allies)



4 thoughts on “End Times Matrix News – Lunatics

  1. Tim! I would like to make a humble request… Would you please consider including “show notes” along with your podcasts, just a simple list of the links you refer to in each episode? Every one I listen to is always full of stuff I want to come back and check out later on, but there’s just no way I can remember them all off the top of my head, or manage to jot down some note to google later on… (I’m a stay-at-home Dad of three kids, so my hands are usually pretty full…) Just a thought. 🙂

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