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On this episode of End Times Matrix, I was joined by Kris to discuss the interesting topic of Angels and Demons and the Christians authority in dealing in the spiritual realm.  I opened the show by discussing Peter Annett’s guilty verdict against the Pope.  Even though legally nothing will more than likely come to pass, at least the public knows that the evidence is credible.  The whole Armor of God and Faith were discussed as they relate to how Christians are to the physical world and their interaction with demonic forces aligned against them.  Demonology can get quite involved with many books discussing different historical names for demons.  Those interested in witchcraft are very involved in summoning certain demonic spirits.  The focus on this show was to provide a simple overview with the majority of the show dedicated to how to overcome demonic oppression in a Christians life.  Many Christians suffer from demonic oppression and not possession and this area needs to be examined by every Christian.  Those who find themselves stuck or backsliding are most likely dealing spiritual oppression of some sort.  Taking authority over every area of your life is what is needed and submission to God to begin to live a holy life of victory in Jesus.  Toward the end of the show we lost connection with Kris but those things happen when you discuss these types of topics.  I will leave all the links that I referenced throughout the program at the bottom of this posting.


Angels & Demons Podcast Replay


Links Below Referenced in Podcast:

*Earlier podcasts discussing Peter Annett’s charges of child sacrifice by the Elites and the Pope can be found in these two shows, 1) Vatican Satanists 1 and 2) Vatican Satanists 2

*Cohost Kris’s Links related to her pages that are about peoples testimonies:

1) Kris’s Testimony Blog (All the information she discussed including email address is included on her page.  She also includes John Raminez’s Youtube Testimony on her site)

*For Those in Need of Spiritual Warfare Help including free deliverance prayer by a group dedicated to dealing with demonic spirits.  Contact Pastor CK Quarterman’s Deliverance Ministry at the Link below:

Deliverance Ministry Contact Form

*For those interested in financially supporting Evangelist Sonia Farid’s coordinated Pakistan Healing Service, please contact Sonia at the contact Link Below:

Best Contact Page To speak with Sonia about Donations.  Ask her which email address to use for donations.




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