End Times Matrix News – The Big Picture

On this edition of End Times Matrix News, I had a special guest cohost Kris also known as StarMonkie on Twitter and we discussed many of the topics that churches will not discuss.  Is it because of the fact that churches wanted to just stay on safe topics that they lost their witness in the United States?  Covering suppressed archaeology related to the Fallen Angels only left Christians in the dark.  Many cultures have history related to Serpent and Serpent worship.  On this show we discuss the Anasazi Indians and how they are connected to The Denver International Airport Murals.  The Awakening process was extensively presented in which Kris shared her walk with awakening to The New World Order.  We concluded the show by stating that the only security men can have with what is coming upon the planet is a belief in Jesus Christ as your personal savior.  Trusting and walking with him in Faith will get you through what we must face in the future.


Time To Repent And Get Right With Jesus!


4 thoughts on “End Times Matrix News – The Big Picture

    • Excellent addition to drive home the point that Mexican soldiers are challenging American citizens. It definitely connects with the United States funding the Mexican military and my premise that they are creating another Roman Catholic army in my assertion that the Jesuits are orchestrating bringing down America.

  1. “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.”- Amos 3:7

    I’ve heard you reference this scripture on a couple podcasts recently but you couldn’t quite place it. Thought I’d post it for you. It’s funny because the Lord showed this verse to me and my family as well to understand how the enemy is the great counterfeiter. He desires to be “like the most high” so he “telegraphs his punches” via the cabalistic principle through TV, Movies, media etc. Very interesting. Thanks for the great podcasts, God bless.

    • Awesome! Yeah, thanks I could not find it but it has been bugging me as you noticed! Yes, I think this is the verse that workers of witchcraft have to follow even though they make it like they are required by magical laws. God exposes their works to his people and as Amos says the prophets in the old testament reference.
      I think this principle is related, Thanks.

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