End Times Matrix News – Mind Control And The New World Order Global Initiation Process

This show goes into great depth on Mind Control programming and the occult illumination process being conducted on all of society through this Order Out of Chaos philosophy of The New World Order. You are being conditioned as a monarch slave to embrace Lucifer as your Savior. Listen now and understand the real programming that The Wizard of Oz communicates.


Global Illuminati Satanic Initiation Podcast


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8 thoughts on “End Times Matrix News – Mind Control And The New World Order Global Initiation Process

  1. whoa….you have a podcast now?? (did you always have a podcast??) My goodness, I’m gonna have to get busy listening to these…

  2. this was absolutely fantastic. So much info packed into a single episode. helped me understand the wizard of oz programming a lot better, as I have heard of that so many times, but never heard anyone really try and explain how it actually works. (I still have a lot of questions, but the basic idea is so much clearer now) It was actually really hard listening to the in-depth discussion of the southern border “crisis” thing. Even though the first moment I saw that on the news, I knew instantly it was a “controlled event”, stopping to think about just how many ways this insane situation can be used to really trigger some truly chaotic events, very quickly… The fact that it’s happening, and the majority of Americans are like “so what”, is so telling. The “macro-programming”, the dissociation on a pandemic level, has truly taken such a deep hold. I even see it in myself, or in my kids sometimes…. It’s so much easier to “check out”. So much easier to just watch tv, play video games, watch movies, live in any one an infinite number of fantasy worlds… Anyhow, I’m very glad I checked out your blog again today and discovered your podcasts today. Very encouraging to me, and I think I needed it today. God bless you brother. talk to u again soon.

    • God Bless You brother! Yes, that was a loaded show and really compacted information. Probably is a little overwhelming for people new to this type of information but I like to get it out why we have freedom on the internet.

  3. (oh, btw, I was gonna ask… Do you see this Alice Tichelman girl (who is now being accused of killing a google executive thru an intentional heroine overdose) as most likely being some kind of Monarch-programmed assassin…?) Just seeing the pictures of her in the courtroom, she seems to have that familiar “devilish smirk” that is often seen in possessed/fractured individuals. Plus, her family background seems to be rather upper class for her to have just fallen into prostitution and such out of sheer desperation or the need to survive, which makes me think a much more logical explanation would by the sort of “kitten” programming you talked about. Anyhow, curious if you have any thoughts about that one… (I sort of figured it was probably a “hit” on the exec cuz he “got out of line” somehow and was decided to be taken out?)

    • I think that is a good line of reasoning. Google the NSA and the intelligence networks are all very involved and we had a ton of suicides with JP Morgan so I think it is more likely than not to be connected.

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