On the North American Union and CANAMEX Highways

This is an excellent compilation of a large amount of material that is pertinent to understanding the intentional destruction of the southern border of the United States of America. The North American Union is the objective and the destruction of America will allow the forward progress of the New World Satanic Order and slavery for all.


A road paved with good intentions is often made with dark things — in this case the subversion of the United States into the NewStates of America, a mere co-partner within the North American Union — all in turn as support of establishing a one-World Government over six or fewer such ‘unions.’

On the North American Union and Canamex Highways

by H. Michael Sweeney
copyright © 2009, 2013, all rights reserved. Permission to repost hereby granted provided entire post with all links in tact, including this paragraph, are included. This material originally from The Professional Paranoid Newsletter.

What is the North American Union?

What you will learn reading this post…

  • The reality of an impending North American Union will be understood;
  • The relationship of NAFTA, CAFTA, will be understood;
  • The existence of the Canamex Corridors will be shown and explained;
  • The Texas Canamex Corridor will be reviewed to reveal examples…

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