End Times Matrix News – Border Wars

On this edition of End Times Matrix News, I discuss all the possible false flag scenarios that can come out of the southern border invasion that is supported by The Obama Administration.  The possibility for a pandemic developing from this invasion through the pop culture “Zombie Apocalypse” is very real and is a scenario supported by Hollywood.  The establishment of the North American Union and destruction of United States sovereignty is discussed.  When the New World Order Global Satanists make moves they usually use a Blitzkrieg attack from multiple directions and the southern border crisis seems to allow for several factors to contribute into a perfect storm.  We will most likely see the use of United Nations units under the guise of helping central American refugees.  All of this is a coordinated attack on the American people.  The possible beginning destruction of the United States dollar is also seen as part of this elaborate globalist theatre we are being subjected to these days.  Trauma based mind control on a societal level is examined as it relates to Main stream Media coverage and The Order out of Chaos doctrine.  Lots of material is covered and you need to get spiritually ready for what is coming upon the face of the earth.  Listen to this informative End Times Matrix show below.


Obama’s Border Wars Podcast


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