The Papal throne to shift from Rome to Jerusalem

A great article that foresaw the rise of the Antichrist’s religion Chrislam. Here we have the groundwork being laid back in 2009. Here in 2014 we see the insanity and emergence of the One World Antichrist religion with the help of the Jesuit Pope and his wolf in sheep’s clothing act.

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What dose Islam and the Papal religion have in common? More than you probably are aware of.

The present Pope sits in the Papal throne in Rome. The present Pope sits in the Papal throne in Rome.

They both see the Holy Land as occupied by Zionists. Non of them have Jerusalem as the present center of their religion. And they both need to shift their throne of authority to Jerusalem to overcome the Jews.

Islam lack a throne. Muslims basically bows down to worship in front of an empty throne. The Pope has a throne. And the Catholics visiting the Vatican either bow down to kiss the ring of the Fisherman, or fall down on their face and worship him.

Ayathollah Khomeini bows down and worship the empty throne in Mecca Ayathollah Khomeini bows down and worship the empty throne in Mecca

Islam has no central leader who can reunite them. Since that Pope already has accepted that Islam is a part of God`s plan to save mankind, Islam will…

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2 thoughts on “The Papal throne to shift from Rome to Jerusalem

  1. To all: Though many alleged “Christians” are oblivious to and/or deny the following fulfillment, many others have seen the fulfillment for centuries. It was a main battle-cry of the Reformation era Protestants and was common knowledge in Protestant circles until a few decades ago [as Protestantism lost it’s salty savor].

    One presents EVIDENCE in order to convince. Prophecy fulfilment is EVIDENCE.

    Servants of Jesus seek to convince all that the NT is true, and Jesus is Lord.
    “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show unto His servants …” Rev 1:1

    Servants of Jesus see the Vatican’s perfect, unique, visible and verifiable fulfillment of the Revelation’s ch 17&18 description of the Great Whore Mother is highly significant, precious God-given evidence confirming the truth of the NT and Lordship of Jesus.

    The following is a correlation of some of the Revelations descriptions,

    and unique fulfillment found in well known facts re: the Vatican.

    From chapters 17 & 18 – IFO = IN FULFILLMENT OF

    17:2 ‘…..with whom the kings of the earth committed immorality….’.
    IFO 17:2 – Immoral ties of the Vatican with earthly rulers are presently and historically verifiable.

    17:4 ‘…..and the woman was clothed in purple and scarlet…’.
    IFO 17:4 – Find a picture of the Cardinals in full costume.

    17:5 ‘…..Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots….’.
    IFO 17:5 – The Vatican calls herself the ‘mother’ ‘church’ because the denominations came out of her. The denominations share her perversion.

    17:6 ‘…..drunk with the blood of saints…’.
    IFO 17:6 – Study the inquisitions. A policy of murder & torture of real people, carried out openly over centuries. Inspired and directed by men who claim to be the unique and direct representatives of Jesus Christ.

    17:9 ‘… hills on which the woman sits….’.
    IFO 17:9 – Rome is famous for its seven hills.

    17:15 ‘…..The waters which you saw where the woman sits, are peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues….’.
    IFO 17:15 – The worldwide influence of the Vatican is obvious.

    17:18 ‘…..and the woman you saw is the great city which reigns over the kings of the earth…’.
    IFO 17:18 -The popes long ruled openly over the kings of the known world. Every king knew that if he bucked the papacy, then the pope would – could – did encourage the citizens to revolt. This principle is still in practice today.

    18:4 ‘…..voice from heaven saying: Come out of her MY people…’.
    IFO 18:4 – Some R.C.’s belong to Jesus and will come out.
    [they will also come out of the denominations]
    This is happening now, and has happened before.

    18:12-19 …. describes the great wealth of the great whore.
    IFO 18:12-19- Vatican’s financial assets [open & hidden] are enormous.

    The Revelation says there is a great whore in the city of 7 hills.
    Lo and behold, there is.
    Most commentators place the writing of the Revelation at around 90AD,
    well before the Vatican existed.

    This visible and verifiable fulfillment is God-given evidence confirming the truth of Jesus Christ.

    “Come out of her MY people…” [Rev.18:4]

    Seeing the fulfillment is a faith strengthening blessing. Being in denial is not.

    Seeing the Vatican for what it is in the sight of Jesus sheds great light on past, present and future.

    • Thanks for all the great work and information that you provided. Yes, when you stand back you say yes we are honored to be in the final generation to witness the Return of Jesus Christ. Now we need to stand firm with all the authority given to us by Christ and not be passive bystanders sitting in a pew watching prophecy like some movie.

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