End Times Matrix News – Chrislam

On this episode of End Times Matrix News we discuss Chris-lam and the New World Order Religion of The Antichrist.  This is a very disturbing and troubling  time that we have reached.  The New World Order is progressing right on schedule with the Vatican leading the way.  How can anyone seriously consider the validity of Islam and Christianity being compatible when Islam is slaughtering Christians throughout the middle east.  I will not be silent and bow to evil and be told that it is good.  I don’t care if the devil tells me something is good, I know better and I know exactly what is going on this country and globally.  I implore people to get right with Jesus Christ and get saved.  Your eternal destiny is at stake and you will have to choose at some point.  Enjoy this Freedom Talk Radio episode on Chris-lam and subscribe and spread the word of freedom and stand in opposition to tyrants.


Chris-lam Radio Podcast Link



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