End Times Matrix News – Spiritual Prepping

I am developing a new series on End Times Matrix News where we are transitioning into Spiritual Preparation for these End Times.  I will not focus heavily on the propaganda news as much because the criminality being orchestrated against the American people is fairly obvious.  Connecting the dots of treachery will not add to our ability to derail the spiritual adversaries that our dedicated to our destruction.  This new series will look at how to operate in the authority of Christ during these End Times with real life application to the impending collapse of The United States in the upcoming months.  The only way to handle such a situation is to become solidly trained in your spiritual authority and operate as a Holy Spirit filled Christian patriot concerned for our fellow men.  This show lays the groundwork to become Christ centered and passionate about your purpose here and now.  Let’s operate as the body of Christ and bring in his kingdom with love and passion for our Lord Jesus Christ.


Spiritual Preparation Podcast Link


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