Rihanna Satanist Illuminati Hollywood’s goddess Molech!

How much proof do you need that Hollywood is a Satanist propaganda mill plugging in young wannabes into their music videos to promote their pantheon of gods and goddesses.  Satanist hollywood creates this false OZ reality and sends their demons through their created idols out into your TV, which serves as the portal of death.  Your children are demonized by the spirits that pour through your television altars while  your Bibles gather dust.  Wake up is the message that should be resonating and bouncing off the inside of your skull.  Satanism is real and lives in your home and is channeled through lost souls such as Rihanna.

Official Video of Rihanna All My Life.  When viewing official Hollywood videos pray that the blood of Jesus will cover all those in the room with you from the demonic entities tied to these videos.  Otherwise don’t view these videos without the protection of Christ.  Watching is only for research purposes for those involved in exposing the powers of darkness so they can be bound and destroyed by the power of the name of Jesus Christ.  Educate the young and ignorant about the evil spiritual demonic spirits connected to all things Hollywood both Movies and Music.

Excellent breakdown by VigilantChristian on Rihanna and Satanism back in 2009

Spiritual warfare article below:

Here is a beginning spiritual warfare resource for new Christians who want to know more about spiritual warfare

Amazon spiritual warfare books:

Spiritual warfare kindle book


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