End Times Matrix News – Impeachment? What PsyOps Are We Going To Be In For?

On this edition of End Times Matrix News, I investigate the very real likelihood that an orchestrated Psychological Operations campaign will be conducted against the American people in the guise of Impeachment proceedings against Barack Obama.  Any half-way decent person who knows right and wrong and can see that Obama is the most Anti-American criminal that has ever occupied the oval office will seek impeachment of this Manchurian candidate in the future.  The point is that Obama actually looks like he is baiting America into impeaching him.  So what is in store for America when Impeachment proceedings are eventually conducted.  In this broadcast I present that potential endgame of creating race wars in America to orchestrate a civil war.  I truly believe that Barry and his Prince Hall Freemason buddies will attempt to rally the uneducated and unaware members of the American public to join in this orchestrated racial destruction of America.  Listen now to the podcast below on The Impeachment PsyOp.


Barry Stiffneck Obama Impeach Me If You Dare!



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