False Flag Vegas Walmart shooting Crisis Actor Video Footage Just Plain Terrible Acting! Wow!

You either believe in the evidence of contrived government sponsored false flag events or you can’t think at all.  The Vegas shooting with all the stupid trademark Joker photos oozed with False Flag symbolism.  This video just seals the deal.  The interesting thing is that the mainstream media is running part of this video also with police officers stating it proves the homicidal nature of the couple.  We obviously don’t see the same thing.  I am also including my own documentary on Joker Mind Control programming as it has been used in the past and possible future false flag operations involving Obama.

This video from Redpillrevolution definitely makes him believe that we are witnessing another poorly orchestrated false flag event.  He even adds his own comedy relief to the video.

This video lays out a case for what I call Joker Mind Control programming.  I believe that these same psychopathic destroyer archetypes are used by the Illuminati to show what they intend to do to the unsuspecting populations of the world.  As you will see the Wizard of Oz programming technique is used to bring a false reality into being for the purposes of population control.

This final music video by Steve Aoki shows the destruction of America using the Psychotic clown archetype once again.  You will also recognize the Illuminati one eye reptilian imagery in the Steve’s face during this video.

Here is the Operation Blackjack Link that I mentioned in the above Mind Control programming.  Operation blackjack is another comic book foreshadowing of the coming police state through societal collapse from domestic terrorism.


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