I am writing this article in the context of the New World Satanic Order movements to destroy national boundaries and destroy the United States.  The blitzkrieg type takeover of this ISIS Al-Qaeda affiliate group is highly suspicious.  This group of lightly armed EXTREMISTS seems to have taken over a portion of an entire country with just automatic rifles.  This is ludicrous at face value at best.  We have entire military colleges dedicated to developing military plans to overcome a nations defenses but these guys seem to have done it with almost nothing.  I don’t believe this and am calling it New World Order Propaganda right now.  The United States has been dedicated to defeating the Syrian government by fighting a proxy war through Al Qaeda terrorists, the very group that got us to go to war in Afghanistan.  This is a complete farce.  They even mention that the leader is an ex-preacher and that westerners make up part of this most radical of radical beheading terrorists.  With Barack Obama’s deliberate destruction of the southern border by encouraging South American youth to be dropped off at the southern border of the United States, we are seeing a deliberate multi pronged attack occurring at this time.  I believe that the Berdall case and this Western terrorist Isis connection that we are seeing the ground work for another Timothy McVeigh terrorist attack in the United States.  Of course Congress will not oust the traitor Obama because they are bought and paid for by the very same globalists destroying the United States.



  1. Indeed… The fact that they aren’t more “awakened” individuals who are instantly recognizing this whole ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State “thing” for what it is, absolutely astounds me… Just been reading this article from zerohedge I found via

    So… if this information is even close to being accurate, and “ISIS” has not only taken over huge sections of Iraq (which we’ve been occupying now for over a decade) but now around 35% of Syria, and almost ALL of it’s oil and gas resources, then… yeah. like you said, by a ragtag bunch of Muslims with automatic rifles riding around in pickup trucks? (and hmmmm, they just happen to invade the country that Bonesman Kerry & Co. were so keen to attack last year, until the public outcry actually prevented it…)

    The whole thing is so beyond the pale, so inconceivable outside of any flat-out “conspiratorial framework”, and yet, oh well… Most folks barely seem to pay any attention at all. (I guess we’re too busy being bombarded with all the reasons we need to go to war with Russia right now….)

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