United States Nuclear First Strike Plan

I find it interesting how that the use of predictive programming in media is being used to condition humanity to the inevitability of a nuclear holocaust.  My commentary on a Russian Television report speculating on the planned nuclear first strike by the USA is sobering.  The world shadow government is forcing humanity to walk toward a nuclear war with Russia.  Russia is being portrayed as the worlds only hope for freedom against an empire building United States.  It really has the feel of the script from Star Wars with Obama Darth Vader trying to destroy the Rebels and deliver humanity to his Sith Satanic Overlord.  Unfortunately we are forced to watch these psychopaths play out this Albert Pike scripted third world war.  This is like watching a car crash occur that you knew would happen in advance.  There is still time to repent and get right with Jesus before these events come to pass.  Wake up and warn others about these final days.

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