Watchmans Warning : As Christians Are Dying In The World, America Is Removing God

Amen, Prayer and fasting are needed now! The sprint to Satanism is obvious to those of us paying attention. Apathy and indifference are the dominant emotions of this generation. The leadership of The Christian church on the public stage is mostly absent. This is not America the beautiful but America the home of reprobates.

'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

Religiously neutral?  A statue of Satan is about to be erected in a state capitol of America and we have to cover up symbols of Christianity?  A statue that the designers say children will be able to sit on the lap of satan and reflect?  But we can’t have symbols of Christianity because it will offend?  It’s time for Americans  to wake up.

Excerpt from Fox News Todd Starnes:

I may have figured out why the Department of Veterans Affairs had such difficulty finding time to treat patients. It’s because it was working overtime to give its chapels a religiously neutral makeover.

But as VA officials in Iron Mountain, Mich., learned, one man’s renovation is another man’s desecration.

Some folks in Iron Mountain became infuriated earlier this month when they discovered that statues of Jesus and Mary, along with a cross and altar, were hidden behind a curtain in the…

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