The Million Man Prayer & Fasting Event June 8-11 (share)

I will be heavily promoting this event because I believe in the power of prayer and fasting and it is where the real power exists in The Body of Christ.  Sheila Zilinsky of Weekend Vigilante is promoting a Spirit filled event which will get real results unlike the typical protests that are marginalized.  Mainstream media and politicians cannot marginalize a nation or globe of people united together in prayer & fasting.  Of course I believe we should follow the Lord’s prayer example of praying for Christ’s kingdom to come first.  If we unite in Christian unity and pray for the destruction of all types of spiritual strongholds to be torn down in these last days, we will witness a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit globally.  I pray that everyone that reads this blog will share it with their churches and social media to get the word out that Christians are praying and fasting for the salvation of the lost peoples in these last moments.  So lets humble ourselves before the Lord and join together to fellowship in prayer and fasting.


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