Pope Francis Shakes Up The Middle East Literally!

Pope Francis is on his first leg of a three day visit to the middle east that will conclude with a visit to Israel.  The Popes visit is very controversial due to the Popes Ecumenical agenda and rumors regarding the granting of Vatican oversight to King David’s Tomb.  The Israeli’s have denied that the Pope is involved in trying to take over control of Mount Zion but people are very suspicious of the behind the scenes dealings going on between the Vatican, Israeli authorities and the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.  A 4.1 magnitude earthquake coincided with Francis’s arrival to Jordan. The effects of the earthquake were felt as far away as Jerusalem.  So the Popes visit is literally starting on shaky ground.  It is a reminder that when gentile powers have divided the land of Israel only bad things have occurred for those involved.  I will continue to monitor the Popes visit to the Holy land.


One thought on “Pope Francis Shakes Up The Middle East Literally!

  1. this pope is anti-Israel / anti-Semitic / anti-Christian!! Chrislam is HERESY and Against Our GOD of ISRAEL!! Thus: the muslims False PAGAN moon god allah is NOT the GOD of ISRAEL!!

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