A Messianic Rabbi’s Prophetic Harbinger Of The Destruction Of America

I am writing this article to present a powerful presentation that I recently heard on Trunews.com.  Rick Wiles aired a Messianic Rabbi who stated that he had a message from God that he needed to share with Rick’s audience.  As with everything prophetic, you need to show discernment when hearing people that you personally don’t know.  This interview with Rabbi Levy was so powerful and loaded with amazing information that I thought I should share it.  I recommend that people listen to the complete two hour interview that I will split into one hour segments on this article.  I also recommend that people take notes and take the information before God in prayer.  It is so interesting that Rabbi Levy has a harbinger style message that follows a similar course to that laid out by Jonathan Cahn.  I will be posting my own personal Genesis 47 article below the interview.  I found it interesting that we covered the same area of scripture because I also felt led to formulate an article based off the Holy Spirits leading.  Rabbi Levy’s is of course much more prophetic and revelatory in scope as he lays out the final days of judgement against an unrepentant America. Repentance is the only answer for America at this moment in history, but with arrogant reprobates such as Obama running our government, it is highly unlikely to happen.

Rick Wiles First Hour Interview With Rabbi Levy

(Sorry I will find the interviews that have been removed)

Rick Wiles Second Hour Interview with Rabbi Levy

Below is the Picture Icon for My Genesis 47 article that compliments some of what was discussed in the preceding interviews regarding the New World Order:

Genesis 47


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