Vatican Wants Mount Zion and Tomb of David

Even though Kerry failed to achieve his 4/29/2014 (9month) Palestinian/Israeli peace agreement, Shenanigans still appear to be in the works.  Israeli News reports that Netanyahu has asked the head Rabbi of the Tomb of David if The Vatican could have possession or control of Mount Zion prior to the Popes visit in May 2014 (Arutz Sheva Report).

It is not clear what the agreement for Mount Zion would involve or why the sovereign state of Israel would give the Vatican such a national treasure.  Arutz Sheva reports The Popes May Visit 2014.  The watchmen will continue to monitor the ongoing progression of the Vatican’s interest in Israel’s Holy sites.  This raises all kinds of strange questions for on lookers.

Dahboo7 Video on Jesuit Influence on splitting up Holy Sites


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