China Destroys Largest Christian Church But Denies Persecution

The enemies of Christ are marching throughout the globe.  Communist China joins militant islam in persecuting Christians by destroying the largest Christian church in China.  China denies that they are persecuting Christians CNN REPORTS.  It appears that the New World Order One Religion faction is trying to eliminate true Christianity to make way for their Masonic Antichrist.

Earlier this month the Christian parishioners of the Church kept a daily occupation of the church to head off the Communist attempts to demolish the Church under the guise of construction and zoning restrictions that were violated.  Of course this is the result that Christians face under Atheistic rule. Extreme hatred toward the God of the Bible. Washington Post Reports Prior to demolition 4 days ago.

It is the responsibility of Christian leadership to stand and point out to their congregations that global Christian persecution is on the rise and that it is coming to America with the help of treasonous members of our government.  Our President is even directly connected to the funding of Al Qaeda in Syria who continue to cannabalize and kill innocent Christian civilians. This country was founded on the freedom of religion and freedom to express it.  Atheists seek to destroy our freedoms while screaming and protesting at every opportunity for their right to be free.  Those who value true freedom from tyranny need to support the Constitution and remove those officials who are in direct violation of it civilly and according to the law.

Christians priority in America should be on praying for the persecuted in Syria, The Sudan, China and around the world.  It is time to wake up from your anesthetized Joel Osteen Happy Talk trances and serve Christ by operating as part of the Body of Christ.



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