China Is World’s Largest Economy In 2014!

Obama Smoking

Obama The Destroyer Linked To Drudge Report

You may think that this title is misleading. It is not. Many economic prognosticators have speculated that China’s economy would surpass the United States economy in the year 2019. However, Barack Obama The Destroyer, has done his job to accelerate the destruction of America for his New World Order pals. Only true Kool-Aide drinking Obamaites would continue to follow the usurper. Of course Barry Whathisname is only the poster child for the New World Order traitors that occupy Washington DC and Wall Street. This is a managed destruction of the only superpower. The only country that had a large independent middle class that could create wealth and opportunity for its children. Slavery is the future. Tyranny is the future. Conformity and compliance is the future with the Elite that believe they have a right to rule humanity. The world is not evolving, the world is devolving into a managed destruction by the secret societies that run all economies and governments. The only answer is repentance and a crying out to God and Jesus Christ to save the individual from this fallen world. The Watchmen are sounding the cry but it won’t last for long. When the church is removed from this world there will be an implosion of evil which the world has never witnessed before in human history. The time to repent is now. Accept Jesus Christ and be transformed.  Pray for your local community that Christ will protect and hedge them from the coming collapse.

China Destroys Largest Christian Church and Claims it is not persecution.


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