Pope Francis Welcomes Lucifer!

I am passing along this video post of fellow Christians pointing out that Pope Francis recently had a mass in Latin in which his Cantor proceeded to lay out a welcome for Lucifer the father of Christ.  Bible believing Christians have been warning for centuries that the Vatican was going to be the End times whore that would ride the Beast.  When you hear the recitation and the translation how can any person familiar with scripture justify having such blasphemy spoken in reference to Jesus Christ.  If you want to continue drinking the Latin Kool-Aide then go ahead your soul is at stake.


Watching these parishioners just sit there and say Amen just goes to show the level of deception that has overtaken modern Christianity.  The last days speak of a falling away and here it is right in our faces.  Reality has become completely surreal for me watching this slow methodical march of evil engulfing humanity.  People just follow and don’t even stand anymore for what is right and what is wrong.  I think children are probably more capable of knowing the difference than the adults who are educating them.  At least we know for the true Biblical believers in Christ that these times will be short and then there will be an end to this evil.  Put your trust in Christ only and repent of your sins and turn to him because the crazy train is pulling out of the station soon!

Ok, what was that Latin Lingo that that kid said before we said AMEN?



6 thoughts on “Pope Francis Welcomes Lucifer!

  1. Shameful of this UN-holy pope!! The pope is just a man and NOT to be worshiped at ALL!!

    There is only One who is KING of kings and LORD of lords and HIS Name is Jesus Christ!! Jesus Christ is WORTHY / RIGHTEOUS / HOLY / PEACEFUL / LOVING!! Thus: Jesus Christ is our FATHER in HEAVEN Returning SOONER than later!!

  2. Some ‘Christians’ spend so much time on researching the Lucifer and somehow find him in the Catholic church, that they end up having little time to even think of God and His love towards his creation. All they see around them is evil, deception, devil’s handiwork, etc.

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