The United States of SWAT?

All you need to do is look back at our traditional Television images of police officers back in the 50’s & 60’s. We had Andy & Barney and they never came loaded to the teeth to kill Otis for being drunk. The Fourth Reich is rising and we can see that this is a police state with no rights for the poor American. Only rights for multinational corporations and political traitors like Harry Reid. All the media outlets will still not mention Reid’s connections to Communist China and the BLM. The BLM is Reid’s personal army because one of his former staffers has the top position in it thereby giving Reid his own publicly paid for private army which he can use to terrorize American citizens. The definition of Fascism is the very way our government is operating with an elite political class lining their pockets with multinational elites money for sweet heart deals that violate national sovereignty. No one has addressed how Reid as the top Democrat in the Senate has worked to not pass a federal budget for several years and is now profiting off of not balancing the budget by arranging insider deals for himself and his family. Can you say treason do not pass go. Go directly to jail!!!!


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