Blood Moon UFO’s Captured On Video

Here is some excellent video of Crrow777 capturing UFO activity in the lunar atmosphere with a satellite transiting the moon.  The zoom photography is amazing as it shows the 2 separate UFO’s being caught during a live viewing of the Blood Moon Eclipse on 4/15/14.  It is very interesting video because he is also being validated by a separate telescope viewing on the West coast of America.  This is definite verification  that there is Fallen Angel activity or “alien” activity on the moon.  Hopefully more video can be filmed of such events.

Here is some more follow-up video on the waves and lack of full blood moon color


4 thoughts on “Blood Moon UFO’s Captured On Video

    • I just present the information. I leave it up to people to come to their own conclusions. Are these photos real or is this camera trickery? The you tuber with the channel has a pretty impressive track record. Thanks for the comments.

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