Astronomical Cardinal Grand Cross Alignment April 23, 2014 (Major Event)

This is a very interesting piece of information that I thought I should communicate to my subscribers.  The reason that this is interesting to me is that I know that the global elites believe and utilize all types of astrological signs.  This Cardinal Cross alignment is a major event for those sun worshippers that worship Satan.  So I don’t follow astrology or any esoteric philosophy but I do watch what others follow.  If you listen to the women presenter at around the 10:45 mark you will hear her discuss economic collapse and major change.  I know from reviewing the words from the Olympics that the phrase was used “Year of Transformation”.  So these people globally are going to proceed with their New World Order at break neck speed this year.  In a strange way this is correlating  with the blood moons phenomenon.  The woman discusses revolutionary energy for revolution at 15:00 minutes.  The presenter at 17:15 discusses that the cardinal alignment is one of the top 3 major events in human history and says 1/3rd of humans will be effected.


(Click photo above for New Age Beliefs on this event if you want to research this topic)

So this presentation supports my earlier podcast Nisan Uprising which discusses how the month of April also known as Nisan in the Jewish calendar is a devastating month for the United States historically.  The main point to gather is that these people in the New Age believe this message of revolution and evolution and I expect that we will see them act on this throughout the globe.  Notify as many people to not put off getting spiritually ready.  So get your house in order and get your provisions.  Food is more valuable than paper money. Bibles and prayer are more useful than even food.

*****(Nisan Uprising Podcast Link)*****  (<<<<Click)

April 22, 2014 Added


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