The Cashless Society and The Mark Of The Beast 666 System

The Fuel project put out in their recent installment in their series an excellent video showing the multifaceted technologies involved in the Mark of The Beast System.  Like their entire project they provide beautifully done videos discussing major Biblical topics in bite sized pieces.  I wanted to do this article to give the uneducated and Christians familiar with the topic a very informative video and also link this topic to my recent discussion on the Pineal gland and the End Times.  Links provided at the end of this article

The majority of the world will scramble for a sense of normality after the elite deliberately create “Ordo Ab Chao”, Order Out Of Chaos.  This is the main mantra of the Satanists embedded in Freemasonry and the ones responsible for betraying humanity to Satan.  The Mark of The Beast system will be rolled out as an immediate fix to the chaos that the globalist Satanists have created.  People will willingly take it if it means being able to make money and eat.  Most of the world is illiterate when it comes to Biblical topics and they will be unprepared to understand the great danger they are facing.  Just like Esau who gave up his birthright for some food.  The world will give up their souls to the Beast system for some food.  Temporary convenience and eternal damnation is what is in store for humanity.  Posts like this along with others are attempting to snap the intoxicated mesmerized population into acknowledging that these are the End Times and everyone must make a decision to follow Christ or follow Satan.  There is no fence to ride in this scenario.  Acknowledge that you have been deceived, accept Christ as the only way to heaven our Messiah and loving King.  Turn from your sin and sin no more and prepare for the end which is coming faster than you think.

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