Illuminati Card Game Video Montague

This is actually a very well done video on the illuminati card game and the people that the author connects the cards with during this video.  I have seen a great deal of breakdowns on the cards but this particular presentation in a slide show fashion brings them to life.  The audio background of Alex Jones is amusing and the creator of this video portrays Alex as a Zionist Judas Goat.  All I know is that the End Times are full of deception and the devils way of corrupting is to mix truth with lies.  The trademark of the serpent seed is that they will lie and stay with a lie until it becomes accepted.  This is almost like casting a magical spell over the audience.  This technique has been used by the Jesuits for centuries to rewrite history and deny the truth.  There is no darkness in Christ and Christ is the ultimate truth.  Those that put their full trust in Jesus Christ and persevere to the end will not have to live with these Illuminati liars anymore and Jesus will deal out their sentence onto their heads for us.  Enjoy the video.

(There is one point where the video has an alarm warning going off in the background that you might want to turn down your volume for if the sound irritates you)

These Christian Times did a great follow-up report on this video with a more comprehensive breakdown of the illuminati card game phenomenon.  Here is the link for their great post below.

Illuminati Card Game comprehensive linked article (<<<<Click)


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