End Times Matrix News – Nisan Uprising

This edition of ETMN covers many breaking stories in the first hour including the discussion about the subconscious programming in movies and television about the end of America.  The second hour discusses the month of Nisan and April and the tragedies related to American history.  Archaeology is also discussed related to breaking discoveries being investigated as they relate to Fallen Angel technology.  Listen to and enjoy this Nisan 1 broadcast and prepare yourself spiritually.



5 thoughts on “End Times Matrix News – Nisan Uprising

  1. Hey Brother Clark- I wanted to get your take on something, given your background in archaeology. Quite possibly, the most common argument I hear from unbelievers is regarding dinosaurs and their belief that they lived 60 million years before the dawn of man and the bible doesn’t mention dinosaurs so it must not be true. Given the creation account in Genesis, I personally don’t have a hard and fast dogma regarding the possibility of a pre-adamic or a literal 6 day creation etc. I’m just not sure. Anyway I’d like to know your personal take on dinosaurs given your background in archaeology. Do you think they lived millions of years before man or did they live on earth with man and were destroyed in the flood? And is your answer based more on your archaeological research or your faith or a combination of the two? Also, I’m very aware of the conspiritorial elements regarding “higher education”, the smithsonian etc that you mentioned. So I’m sure that plays a big factor. And I am aware of the verse in Job that seems to make reference to a dinosaur as well. I appreciate your input and help as we are all looking to bring people to Jesus for salvation in these last days before it is too late.

    • I have thought that there have been some thoughtful Christian responses based on archaeological evidence and some pre-adamic combinations. I think it is clear that man and dinosaur existed together from the fossil record and I think it is clear that this information has been marginalized. I think the researchers interested in the pre-flood hybridization concepts have put forward some good possibilities. Some believe the gentle herbivore dinosaurs were from the original population of animals that Adam would have known about and named. Some believe that the voracious carnivores and the nephilim giants theories believe that these animals consumed the lands and that the T-Rex and the Jurassic park type of carnivores came about from the intentional mixing of DNA that the Fallen Angels were involved in to destroy the genetic creation that God made in the beginning. I think this is why you see the pre-flood talk about there being violence in the land and everyones mind was consistently on evil. I think this is a reference to the reptilian DNA domination that was going on before God destroyed the children (nephilim) of the Fallen Angels discussed in the Book of Enoch. That is my best guess. It is hard to recreate a true history with the deliberate destruction of historical evidence and records that go against the police state religion of Darwinism.

  2. Tim- Thank you for your response. I’ve thought about the possibility of DNA tampering relating to dinosaurs in the pre-flood world as well. Again this isn’t a topic I have a firm opinion on though. Unfortunately there is so much deliberate deception going on it is hard to know what is really going on. I guess that’s why God said “Cursed be the man who trusts in man.” (Jer. 17:5) So we wouldn’t blindly follow what all these so called “experts” have to say. Keep up the good work!

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