Enter The Entertainment Borg – Transhumanism Next Stop!

I love the excitability of these Geeks.  This is Geek Tech Mecca!  These guys are in heaven drooling over the eventual release of these virtual reality headsets and eye scanning motion sensors.  I understand the desire to get the latest electronic toy and the excitement with seeing and experiencing new things.  I for one was very much entranced as a teenager by pinball machines so much so that I got my first job in an arcade.  I witnessed the arrival of the first video game consoles and the slow demise of the old pinball arcade. So I am just as susceptible as these guys are to new nerd tech.  Now we are seeing a new frontier where the entertainment consumer is being engulfed in a full immersion experience where they can live as much as they want in an altered fake reality.  As we have seen in the past with online fantasy role playing games such as “The Sims” people will opt into living in this altered reality and check out of life.

Even more scary is the implications that this technology can be used by malevolent forces to control the users of this technology without them knowing.  As we have seen with the former head of DARPA youtube videos, New World Order supporters are trying to entice the ignorant into accepting the implanting of new technology into their bodies.  Most do not suspect the lurking police state controllers lurking behind the scenes.  I have learned that the New World Order Luciferian acolytes operate like a pedophile ring luring the unsuspecting into their traps with the promise of exciting entertainment.  No longer do we have the imagery of the “Child Catcher” from “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” waving candy in front of children before he springs his trap, we now have multinational entertainment companies waving tech gadgets in front of the hungry entertainment techies.  The trap will be sprung at a later date just like the Venus Fly Trap when there is no chance of escape.  Check out the 8:00 mark of the video below to hear of other uses for this technology.  Unfortunately the days we live in are dangerous and people need to be warned that the downside of these new technologies are very real and frightening.


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