Missing Malaysian Airliner Bread Crumb Trail Leads To Tel Aviv

Here is some shocking news that connects a great deal of detective work with flight invoices on the transfer of an identical Malaysian airliner to a George Soros connected company housed at Tel Aviv airport in Israel.  Do you believe in coincidences or do you think that this story is a set-up.  If George Soros is involved we do know that he is our modern day Dr. Evil and always has his hands involved in destroying some countries currency.  So is this a joint Mossad-Soros operation to have a terrorist False Flag force the world into some type of World War III scenario? Who knows?  This is definitely suspicious!  Videos and links below.

Video 1 Below:

Video 2 Backup channel below with different commentary:

Links from First Video:

Plane Spotters Link

Plane Spotters Link 2

Plane Logger Tel Aviv Link


6 thoughts on “Missing Malaysian Airliner Bread Crumb Trail Leads To Tel Aviv

    • Yes, I figured that this story was going to come out so I reported it the way that it was presented so is this story legitimate or is it a red herring trying to target Israel. This is definitely news with the closing of the embassies. Someone is making this into something bigger adding Soros to the mix. So we will need to watch to see if this is propaganda.

      • Yea that was what I was thinking. Could it be a red herring. What if thats is the whole game. My interest went up though when I heard George Soros might be involved

    • I would think that is what the youtube presenter is saying is that it is identical. The links provide a digital paper trail. But would there even be a paper trail on some Mossad covert operation? So this story definitely has my interest especially with the tight timeline coming up with the blood moons. It seems to me that these illuminati agents are trying to stay to some type of timeline. Just my initial feelings related to this kind of story.

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