Obama Fears A Nuke Detonating In New York City

False Flag terrorism threats are in the air!  Barry, I Hate America, Obama is publicly stating a fear about a nuke going off in New York City.  Of course it will go off in Gotham, I mean New York City, I saw this same scenario in the last Batman movie where Batman had to stop the nuclear weapon from detonating in Gotham city.  Batman had to stop Bane a homicidal terrorist who came out of the pit.  Anything to get us to martial law is the plan!  So is it responsible for publicly communicate this fear at the Hague the center of world government.


As I stated in my 2 hour radio broadcast on End Times Matrix News: Episode The Vatican Satanists (<<<<CLICK)

The likelihood of a false flag attack occurring to cover-up serious impending stories concerning the Obamacare March 31st deadline and the legal proceedings against Pope Benedict and the Vatican also on March 31st would most likely necessitate a false flag event to occur to distract the masses away from these damaging stories.  Once under martial law none of these stories needs to be addressed and potentially damaging information and informants can be eliminated.

Benedict Obama’s video on Nukes in Manhattan Below:

Obama’s Hollywood False Flag Plan To Get Martial Law:


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