Robo-Journalism & Media Crafted Propaganda

This story sums up the pointless nature of journalistic reporting by the Mainstream Media.  When you divorce real human narrative from stories and just regurgitate mindless cliches with data you end up with robo-journalism.  This mindless predictable format is quantifiable and has led a journalism technology newspaper technician to create an algorithm that mixes a certain percentage of statistical analysis with journalistic cliches.  How is this any different than the state generated product served up as news by supposedly independent news outlets.  I disagree with the analysis of this report that says that this development would probably lead to 90% of the news being generated by computers by 2030.  I think it could be done now with no noticeable difference from what passes as independent news reporting on television today.

It is interesting when you think about how dumbed down the average citizen has become in this tweet limited news age.  Many are not patient enough to take in a complicated news story and digest the information much less critically analyze the reporting to come up with ones own conclusion.  This development makes complete sense for a tyrannical dictatorship that wants compliance and indoctrination.  The news media is directly responsible for the demise of print media.  Their activist marxist propaganda agenda which prizes “The outcome justifies the Means”, leads to this meaninglessness in everyday life including human expression of ideas.  So who are we working for, computers or humans?  Say goodbye to freedom of expression and the first amendment.  Thank you Mainstream Media for destroying print and TV journalism.


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