Feinstein Bill Has Senate Support To Destroy Freedom Of The Press

Diane Feinstein possibly the most public Anti-Constitution, Anti-American Senator in the Senate has the votes for her Anti-First Amendment “Journalist Shiled Law“.  This law is just another attempt by an imperalist tyrannical government to destroy the First Amendment Rights of all Americans.  This law is couched in terms that says that it is to protect the professional journalist and major media outlets.  Feinstein has lashed out against critics of hers that have pointed out the obvious conflict of interest and criminal activity of herself and Billionaire husband, who was given exclusive real estate rights to America’s post office properties.  My point is as usual with this pack of criminals that you can’t pass laws violating the constitutional protections and then expect the law abiding American people to abide by these clear violations of the law.  Feinstein should be recalled and imprisoned for her assault on the Second Amendment and now the First Amendment because citizen reporters report the real news and facts connected to the criminal behavior or our elected officials.  The corporate media prostitutes will not report the news or implicate the criminal unconstitutional actions of sitting senators.  That is Feinsteins goal is to define who can be labelled the professional press and who can be protected under the first amendment.  Any senator that is this clearly anti-constitutional should be placed in prison and immediately recalled for being a domestic threat to the Constitution and the laws of this land.  No one is above the law but this criminal senatorial culture in Washington is showing the American public who the real threat to freedom is in this country.  Feinstein and other traitors have their sights set on the internet bloggers and Indy news papers.  Obama just gave the internet away to the globalists this past week.  So you can see the evil intention that the Federal government is moving fast to destroy American Liberties.

Associated Press Story Related to The Journalist Shield Law Trojan Horse (<<<<<CLICK)


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