End Time Matrix News – The Pineal Gland

In this episode of ETMN, I cover the current political impact of the Obama administration policies focused on Crimea and the Ukraine and on the scripting of WWIII by this administration.  Also I cover the impact of the TPP and how this has been completely overlooked by the regular population.  This is the real elephant in the room that is not being covered and America is being destroyed from within by a bunch of Washington traitors.  The many visits pertaining to the Pope are discussed.  The second hour focuses exclusively on the Pineal gland and how the serpent communicates with his servants through the pineal gland.  The Knights Templar and the construction of their seven esoteric cathedrals are examined as they relate to the 7 chakras of the Indian Kundalini tradition.


Pineal Gland Podcast Link

Excellent discussion about avoiding opening the third eye due to the influence of the demonic realm.  Former New Age practitioner gives his Christian viewpoint on not opening the 3rd eye.



14 thoughts on “End Time Matrix News – The Pineal Gland

  1. Brother Clark- I wanted to say that I really enjoy your podcasts and blog. Your understanding of the NWO system and mind control programming in TV/Movies is very sound and I greatly appreciate what you do. But I would like to recommend that you take another look at the TBN “Prophecy” cabal that you promote including Tom Horn, Stearman et al. I used to follow these guys too but have learned that they are all wolves, Jesuit deceivers. Check out http://www.contendingfortruth.com. Go to his teaching from 3-23 and look at parts 3 and 4. Most of the teaching centers around the “Blood Moon” deception but he has a podcast/pdf that has links to teachings he has done about Tom Horn, he used to follow Horn and promote him as well but now exposes him. Also check out ephesians511blog.net for more info on Horn. Pray about it and decide for yourself. Love your podcast and keep up the good fight!

    • Thanks for your feedback. Yes it is hard to trust in any sources these days. I will check out your sources. I would like to say that I don’t blindly support individuals and when they deviate from scripture intentionally I don’t follow or promote their teachings. Other than calling out the obvious ecumenical leaders in the Christian movement, I have tried to steer away from getting into calling out people. I find that time is short and people need to return to scripture and prayer for their direction. Unfortunately, there is a phenomenon of rock star worship within the Christian world and sometimes do to our conditioning we get into following individuals. Keep the faith and continue on promoting Christ. Thanks brother.

      • Absolutely, time is short. The Holy Spirit and the KJV Bible are our only real source of truth. And I hope you understand my intention is in no way to be critical of you, I love what you are doing. I just felt an obligation to warn you about these guys because I let them lead me around a bit until The Lord woke me up to them. When you know who (Jesuits/Illuminati ) controls ALL media/tv networks and programming (TBN & PITN included) it makes it easier to understand who these guys really work for. And that’s not to say you can’t glean some decent info from them, as they do speak a measure of truth. But then they try to “steer the dialogue” in order to suit their agenda. Just watch/listen with discernment and prayer. Thanks again for all the great work you are doing!

  2. Have you ever thought about the visiting of The Statue of Liberty, climbing the interior staircase, (spine) and ending up in Lady Liberty’s crown, (peneal gland) and upon arrival, your vision is unlimited?(illumination) Is everyone that walks up those stairs, unknowingly acting out the “Kundalini” ritual?? Think about it!

    • Yes, that is a good point. It is very possible that it may have been used by secret societies for such a pilgrimage. The 7 Templar cathedrals were definitely used for that purpose. Thanks for the comments.

  3. In reference to the video: How can something so evil, which would suggest that’s all it is at its core, masquerade as something so light, beautiful, spiritual? How does it have the potential to do that?

    • Why would we even have a pineal gland/third eye? That’s suggesting that whatever created us, allowed for us to be infiltrated and corrupted from within. It’s absurd, complicates matters greatly. There’s no end in sight to the complications, I’ll tell you that much.

      • I appreciate that as a whole the New Age movement is very deceptive, although there are some aspects which are positive, as they’ve been based on Eastern and Ancient philosophies. Spirituality, just being connected without buying into the New Age babble is a different matter. I’d not heard of New Age, I wasn’t aware of any of this when I was a teenager, but that’s when experiences not unlike those described in the video occurred. So they happened of their own accord. But then I went through trials and tribulations, depression, and in the last couple of years have really begun to lift myself out of that, I’ve gotten (back) in touch with myself, my spirituality. When the guy in the video speaks of God specifically cutting this ‘stuff’ off, well he honestly didn’t do a very good job of it, did he. It just doesn’t make sense – it’s amazing to me how it’s supposed to make so much sense, but in fact the opposite makes more sense. If there was this Christian God, he should be less mysterious and actually finish a task properly. It’s just so nonsensical. Do post this though, as it is my honest opinion.

      • The issue is the freewill between a God and his creation. Creation could run robotically without a glitch but there would not be freedom of choice. Relationship and fellowship with his creation is what God desires. The relationship between God and his creation is almost similar to an unfaithful spouse that takes the one who loves them for granted and is easily manipulated by the lies of a pickup artist that only seeks to destroy what God has created.

      • God walked with man before the fall so the pineal gland was like the antennae that allowed for continuous clear communication between God and Adam. There is a psychotic cherub that has temporary dominion over this plain of existence. He has already been judged and will face his final punishment soon. That is why things are getting crazy because the followers of Satan are looking forward to the soon manifestation of Satan on earth in the flesh as the Antichrist.

    • When the created denies the creator through freewill, then the glory and presence of God withdraws and the creation became corrupted and death entered into humanity through the Fall in The Garden of Eden story. The main thing that occurred is that Eve was promised to be like God rather than trusting in what God said to her. She was deceived and tricked and death entered the picture and from that point on humans were born spiritually disconnected from God and his Holy Spirit. The Fallen angels continue the deception by having man worship them through deception.

  4. Thanks for your replies, man. I’m interested in what you have to say. Could you tell me from your knowledge, how the ‘psychotic cherub’ was allowed dominion in the first place; why did he turn bad; how was he capable of turning bad? Also why is this corruption allowed to continue – why can’t God punish him now?
    And if the antichrist is behind all of the suffering and evil, that would imply that all the evil carried out by humans will be forgiven by God, as they weren’t in control, they were manipulated by Satan…? It implies that he was the instigator of it all throughout history and therefore is the only one to blame, well, him and the other fallen angels, no?

    • I guess I commented on the wrong line but one of the planks of the Illuminati was to destroy beauty in art and music. This is why we have Kesha and Little Wayne instead of Bach and Beethoven.

      • 1776 Illuminati? That was one of their plans? I’ve not read that before. Well music is a passion of mine, I’m going to make my dreams a reality, my intention is to continue what few bands have done and spread awareness of the corruption, try to alert more people, and just generally be a voice for them and their struggles. Ever heard of Manic Street Preachers? Their early music, namely the first three albums, incredible!

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