WWIII Scripted Conflict In Crimea Documented Back In 2008

The New World Order is a real End Times Governmental system predicted to control the globe prior to Aramageddon and the Return of Jesus Christ upon the earth.  What most people have difficulty with is believing that any human would willingly engage in thermonuclear war with a belief that something good would come out of it.  Deception and delusion are the spiritual forces driving these events and leaders.  The Satanic spirit is heavily manifested in the national leaders across the globe.  The infiltration of secret societies primarily through Freemasonry has put people in key positions who are only loyal to the brotherhood.  So it is shocking for many when you find documentation showing that World War III was not an event that global leaders are trying to avoid but an actual depopulation event that they are willing to play their role in completing on behalf of their god Lucifer.  This is generally where those with no belief in religion who think the world is run by deductive rational thought processes usually drop out of the conversation.  This video presents clear documentation from a Russian newspaper that it is expected that Obama will begin WWIII in the Ukraine through a Crimean staged conflict.  This is what we are witnessing now just like a scene in a choreographed play.  Putin is the white hat trying to stop the Fascist/Marxist lying Obama and the Rothschild empire.  The stage is set for the world to witness the destruction of the West and the rise of the New World Order.  Putin is playing his part just like Obama is playing his part.  What you will have after the smoke settles is a global police state with no freedom and a lot less people and being headed up by the globalist Satanists and their Antichrist Messiah.

Additional Military scripted scenarios are discussed on the Alex Jones show regarding baiting Russia into a first strike scenario to get the globe into WWIII.

Now Crimean policy linked back to Brezinski security advisor to the Clintons back in 1997.  What a pack of lies!!



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