Obama, A Real American Horror Story!

Move over Mary Shelly and take a seat because your craziest imaginations have become reality!  They, those guys, them, they actually read your book “Frankenstein” and IMAGINED that they too could create a monster.  So what have the best and brightest in the mad scientist world been up to since the days of Operation Paper Clip.  They have been doing what every mad scientist has been doing, attempting to become their own GOD and create their own creature.


Is it possible that Frankenbama, the soulest commander and Chief, was created to do his masters bidding.  Who is his master? Those that have studied Josef Mengele and his NAZI twin experiments know that they were obsessed with cloning humans.  This fits right into the Nietzche idea of the Ubermann, the perfected man or superman.  Isn’t Freemasonry obsessed with the perfection of man?  I wonder if they could be involved seeing that their main headquarters is located in Washington DC?

This of course is too much for those that have been fed a steady diet of mainstream TV with Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity.  Of course they would have made the “Fair and Balanced” audience aware of such Shenanigans going on in the world.  I mean it is the home of the “No Spin Zone” where real reality exists.  Reality is much stranger than normal America is led to believe because a world directed by Fallen Angels and their lapdogs that occupy the secret societies runs things and time is running out for this Evil Alliance.  Satan’s time has run out and the greatest deception in human history is being rolled out as we speak.  The End Times Apocalyptic events of The Book of Revelation are playing out right in front of us and many are still too blind and apathetic to even care about the destiny of their souls.


(Obamastein & “Dude Looks Like A Lady” Michelle walking the grounds!)

Dr. Joye Pugh has laid out in her three volume series, “Beguiled”, the rise of the cloned Beast that the Beast system will be designed around.  What if synthetic humans have been created and are soulless, could these agents of Satan perform the worst holocaust that the Georgia Guidestones predicts.  Yes, of course, key clones can be put in positions of authority and push the big Red button when instructed to annihilate the image bearers of God.

Whether you believe or don’t believe that Obama is the Antichrist, that is not the question.  Is this synthetic non-traceable human a secret society created concoction put in place to push a Big Red Button of betrayal to the United States.  I believe his actions are clearly obvious that he will carry out his mission to destroy America and launch us into the New World Order.


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