New World Order Hijacks The Internet – Globalist Puke!

No matter what some globalist bureaucrat promises, with Obama’s surrender of the internet to the global community, the end of free speech is rapidly approaching with regards to the internet.  Political Correctness and Statism will quickly replace independent thought and free speech which has been the first amendment promise to Americans since the inception of The Republic.  We have been seeing the constraints on American liberties being clamped down on law abiding Americans since the institution of The Patriot Act.  The Globalists continue on their campaign to destroy freedom for the individual while setting up their Georgia Guidestones Apocalyptic New World Order.  Again, President Obama leads the way in destroying American sovereignty and handing over Americas hard won freedoms to tyrants and dictators masquerading under the cover of a Utopian United Nations Globalist insiders club.  How many acts of treason does it take to have any patriot in government to bring articles of impeachment against a clearly Anti-American promarxist New World Order Patsy!


(Full report including video of a globalist bureaucrat promising Utopian dribble included in the Link Below)

New World Order Takeover of Internet Thanks To The Traitor Obama (<<<<<< CLICK LINK)


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