End Times Matrix News – Purim & War

In this Friday installment of End Times Matrix News, I discuss the breaking news related to airlines disappearances and the Russian buildup on the Ukranian border with Crimea.  Archaeological discoveries are examined from Israel related to Purim from Israel.  New technology and the future of the internet are discussed.  A fascinating look at a new heavily documented book explaining Hilter’s escape from Germany to Argentina and the Nazi influence in Argentina.  Also the second hour looks at Purim and its relationship to the Bible and Middle East Wars.  The Gulf War dates related to Purim are examined with many occult numerology associations.



One thought on “End Times Matrix News – Purim & War

  1. http://www.kotipetripaavola.com/lastdaysgreatwarinmiddleeast.html

    The Bible details precisely from the war that will be occurred in the end of times in the Middle-East, when a certain countries attack against Israel. What kind of point of view and attitude nations of the world has regarding to the word of the Bible, and Israel will decide their fate in the Last Days. Regardless of it that does you believe the Bible or not you should know that what the Bible teaches about the end of times.

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