CIA Media Deception & Coordinated TV & Movie Storylines

It is obvious to those of us that monitor Television and Movies from Hollywood that there is a concerted effort to move the American & global populations into increasingly apocalyptic and Dark story-lines.  I have found that the increase in science fiction related story-lines is exploding on the main media outlets of ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC.  What is of interest is how these story-lines seem to focus on esoteric spiritualism and occult topics.  I have predominantly separated the story-lines into three categories.  Scyfy, Occult & fantasy related shows that seem to dominate the major new shows.  The overall theme behind these three categories incorporates heavy themes of combat and fighting perceived threats.  No longer do you have the more less threatening family oriented comedy stories but a militarized mindset that is being promoted by Hollywood and TV.  On top of this you see a major move into spiritual topics that questions death, dying, super-powers, and spiritual evolution.  The traditional Christian doctrines have been almost outlawed and those that hold to these beliefs have been labeled by the American government as terrorists.  Yes, the very people who are the most law abiding and peaceful and charitable part of America have been labeled terrorists by our occultist led government agencies.  So why is there such a push to get America to change and overthrow Christian beliefs?  So that the New World Order can come into existence.  The last line of defense against the New World Order is the existence of a strong Bible believing Christian Nationalistic America.  So it is important for the CIA controlled media to promote story-lines that demonize and destroy traditional beliefs.  The NAZI founded CIA and other alphabet organizations work for the New World Order elites and do not serve the interests of patriotic Americans. I will now review some of the present & upcoming TV & Movies that are promoting an assault on traditional America.

I am raising the question of what is the agenda behind several of these TV shows and movies?

The ABC Television Show “RESURRECTION” is Premiering this Sunday at 9pm eastern time.  This show raises a direct attack on accepted beliefs concerning life and death.  Watch this trailer and get amazed at what is being promoted to the public.

“Heaven Is For Real” is an upcoming Hollywood release that addresses a 3 year olds near death experience in Heaven.  This is a movie adapted from the New York Times best seller.  This movie has raised a division in Christian churches over supporting the views of the child and the belief by his preacher parents that his revelation of heaven was real.

ABC’s Marvels Agents of Shield has been progressing toward this story-line of Colson & Sky (characters) being resurrected or cured using alien DNA, blood or alien technology.  The question of avoiding death is used to justify changing the DNA of the agents to prolong life and also give these agents alien DNA related benefits.  Will this same argument be used to save humanity from some incurable disease that our government cooked up to force a mark of the beast vaccination?

World War Z an apocalyptic zombie pandemic was thwarted at the end by Brad Pitt (The UN) working with the World Health Organization (WHO) to save humanity from another government created pandemic to force a Mark of the Beast Vaccination.

Carrie is another Steven King Christian mocking movie that shows home schooled Christian kids as freaks and that insane Bible believers are child abusers that will kill their own children if they think that they are demon possessed.  This movie basically says kids with occult powers are misunderstood and Bible believers are ignorant and insane.  Occult powers are to be embraced and understood as evolution to the regular world.

Almost Human is another Television Series that is promoting heavy indoctrination of transhumanism and the use of cyborgs and drones in a heavily militarized futuristic American police state.  Designer humans are also present in this series.  Genetically modified humans for beauty and disease resistance with high levels of intelligence.  This is Kurzwell’s future world.

Robocop is another movie focusing on transhumanism and the many advances that being part computer and human can mean in an advanced technologically evolved world.  Here we have technology working for the fascist multinational police state that the New World Order represents.

Transcendence gets deeper into the Ray Kurzwell Transhumanist dream of eventually transcending the Avatar cloned body level of existence and uplloading and downloading your Soul essence for eternity.  This of course is the goal of Transhumanism, immortality apart from Christ.  First they will try to replicate through cloning bodies that will provide physical immortality and then the ability to house the soul and essence of humans while cloning new bodies that are destroyed do to unforeseen situations.  This of course is for the Luciferian elites only, not the peasants.

Captain America Winter Soldier continues the genetically modified super soldier program that the United States has been working on since WWII. World governments have been working on developing elite hybrid genetically modified human killing machines to do the bidding of the worlds elite Luciferian Satanists.  These programs are always masked in the fake disguise as evolutionary science to minimize the number of deaths on the battlefield.  People with eyes to see can see that this is just mechanized terminators developed to suppress human populations by people pushing buttons in bunkers.

X-Men’s new movie brings into focus the thinly veiled main Biblical story-line of the line of Cain (The serpent Line X-Men) and Seth’s line ( God’s genetically pure line uncorrupted by the Fallen Angels or Satan).  This is the culminating story of humanity.  This is the culminating story of our existence.  Satan’s New World Order Serpent line will be judged and those that carry the Mark of Cain (X).

The concluding point of this article is to present in a visual format the intentional destruction of humanity by global elites that are only interested in their own mortality and they will destroy every last human to get it.  These are the people that serve Lucifer and have bought the lies that they will “Shine Bright Like A Diamond” (A Luciferian music video) for eternity without God.  They want to be like the most high just like their master Lucifer.


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