The Croods – Prometheus For Children

This is another children’s movie review that I am writing because the storyline is very consistent with the Illuminati’s favorite hero, Prometheus.  I have done other reviews that include many occult and new age features that parents and children of course are not familiar with when viewing.  The illuminati operate the same way sexual predators operate.  They want to separate the children from the adults so they can prey on their minds and eventually their souls.  Communists and other Statitsts operate the same way trying to indoctrinate children with belief systems that are contrary to their parents or religious values.

“The Croods” is an entertaining movie about a prehistoric family that is trying to survive the extermination events related to the ice age that are taught in public schools.  This follows in the tradition of the movie series, “ICE AGE”, that also focused on escaping cataclysmic events and starting over.

The Prometheus story is based on the Greek legend that discusses how man became illuminated by a hero named Prometheus who stole fire from mount Olympus.  This story is Luciferian and relates to the story of Lucifer giving man illumination by teaching them the technology of the Fallen Angels.  Lucifer always shows himself as the good god trying to save man from the mean God Jehovah.  Lucifer deceives man by giving them angelic technology for their souls.

So the croods portrays a caveman story of a father who’s answer for everything is to hide in a dark cave and never try anything new because you will die.  No Fear is an ongoing theme in all illuminati movies.  It seems to be some type of programming for these people to continue along their path to the establishment of the New World Order.  The old caveman father is upstaged by the new young character named “guy”.  Guy is the light bearer who tempts “EEP” with fire and a new way of doing things.  Guy becomes the hero of the movie until the old caveman father (Grug) decides to do things like Guy, the more illuminated character in the end.  The other obvious Masonic features in the story focus on the quest to reach the two pillar mountain and ride the sun.  This is blatant Masonic teaching about the 2 pillars of discovery and the passage through the pillars to a new level of illumination.  By thinking and doing things like Guy, Grug evolves and saves himself and others.  This is depicted in Grug creating an Ark and rescuing less evolved critters.


The point is that you can’t trust any type of programming on television or through the movies without it being saturated in Luciferian Freemason philosophy.  Even though this movie is innocent to the casual viewer anyone with eyes can see the clear secret society programming that went into filming this story.






9 thoughts on “The Croods – Prometheus For Children

  1. I am going to do an article on The Lego Movie which also has tons of this symbolism in it. Most don’t see this messaging but it is our responsibility as adults to expose this material even if the movie is entertaining. The question for others should become why is it even there?

    • Please, please do an article on the Lego movie! I took my daughter to see it and was disgusted with the NWO symbolism. Will Ferrell, “president business”, runs all the radio and tv stations and uses them to keep “the ordinary Lego people” controlled in a dumbed down “everything is awesome” state of mind. He tortures a police officer who refuses to harm his own parents (ie Obama’s military purge). Morgan Freeman’s character is an “endtime prophet” who at the end of the film admits he was “just making it all up”. And the “man upstairs” turns out to be Will Ferrell. It was absolutely repugnant.

      • I know what you mean, I laughed at the overtop symbolism packed into that movie. I am glad that you also picked up on it. I will work on doing a breakdown of the movie in the near future. Thanks.

  2. I am lonely in my Awareness amongst my friends and family. Thank you for validating what I’ve found to be blatant. This movie recieved so much praise and after seeing it I’ve realized it is complete conspiracy. Being sole in my understanding, I’ve been haunted by the croods symbolism and searching for justification. I found it relevant that Grug, after adopting Guy’s luciferian system says “no more caves” as Christians are called to seek caves as refuge in Revelations. Whew! Glad that’s off my chest.

    • As you will note from some other viewers of this post, some enjoy the Luciferian themes. Of course those coming from a Christian Biblically centered world view are grieved in their spirit when they notice these messages being scripted into movies.

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