End Times Matrix News – Prepare Now

This week on End Times Matrix News we cover breaking news of the end of America as we know it with coming financial crisis’s and other planned events to move us into the New World Order.  The globe is getting ready for a major transformation by Globalist Luciferians who will force the world into a cashless society.  The 12 Dirty Dozen dates that led to the destruction of America.  The destruction of America for violating Biblical commandments not to divide the land of Israel or work against the Israelites.  The April deadline of the 2 state Israeli solution is focused on in conjunction with Satanic Holidays.




4 thoughts on “End Times Matrix News – Prepare Now

  1. The bible says
    Never block creek river syream….
    ( thats damned damned definition
    Means against the law)
    A grave sin…..
    Google cern Hoover damned
    Says hoover damned holds key to fate of universe…..
    Its creating vacuum on earth
    Gravity arch

    • I know that Jonathan Kleck has said the Hoover Dam appears to be associated on the 50 dollar bill I believe. I guess it will be connected to end times in the future.

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