The Suppressed History Of Easter Islands Giants!

The ancient world attests to the reality of extremely large men ranging by some accounts up to 33 feet in height.  Of course modern archaeology and modern evolutionary theory make no mention of these discoveries.  The reason is that evolutionary theory is the global elites approved theory of creation.  They suppress real history in order to manufacture a false history to deceive and control the regular state controlled populations.  This video contains yet another recorded case of 12 foot tall giants existing on Easter Island.  The purpose of denying the existence of Giants is to get people away from the Biblical accounts of Giants recorded in the Old Testament.


By denying the existence of Giants the Elites could ridicule those that followed Biblical teachings.  People who held to the Biblical view of creation are ridiculed by those that deliberately lie and deceive the whole world.  So you need to ask yourself, why should I believe anything that you are spoonfed by the Mainstream media or State indoctrination centers called schools.  This discovery by Enter the Stars came about as we have been examining the many interconnecting ley lines and our recent look at the interlocking Pentagrams that cross the earth.

This video supports the added evidence that the Megalithic builders associated with the giants built the ancient stone monuments. Also sumerian text matches with Easter Island text.

I am adding the above mentioned video discussing the ley lines of power that the Late David Flynn discussed as intersecting pentagrams.

David Flynn’s Interlocking Pentagrams



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