Jail Michael Bloomberg For Conspiracy & Treason!

Former Billionaire Mayer of New York Michael Bloomberg was outed by fellow whistle-blowing conspirators to confiscate all guns from second amendment law abiding patriotic Americans.  It is not like we needed proof to know that the elites were trying to destroy America but it always helps when people on the inside turn on these treasonous low life Anti-American Traitors.  This of course is what Senator FrankenFeinstein and Barry I’m a Commi Obama have been trying to do through banning ammunition for legal purchases by the public.  Somewhere in this treasonous Federal system there must be someone who can throw wrenches in the works of these traitors.  I think Mayor Bloomberg should be the First full-time occupant of a New York State FEMA camp.  I mean these are the type of people who have been building these concentration camps.  So lets get people like Bloomberg interned at these facilities as “Terrorists or Enemies of Freedom”. Put pressure on getting the word out on every mayor associated with Michael Bloomberg and their Communist/Nazi gun confiscating plans.



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