The End Times Matrix News – Freemasonry

In this episode I explore the role of secret societies post flood and the impact on human civilization.  One of the main areas of interest that many Christians overlook is in the verses where Jesus Christ is berating the Jewish Pharisees and scribes.  When these verses are looked to in context with the idea of secret societies, then I think they make a lot more sense.  Freemasonry is examined as it relates to the illuminati the French Revolution and the Masonic role in the coming One World Religion.



Other Research recommendations that were mentioned in the podcast are:

1) The Essenes

2) Church of Greece (1933) Official Freemasonry Statement

3) The Permanent Instruction Of The Alta Vendita



2 thoughts on “The End Times Matrix News – Freemasonry

    • Haa! That is a good one. Each person is responsible for the decisions they make in their own life. I refer to Jesus Christ but not everyone is going to go that direction unfortunately.

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