End Times Matrix News – Enter The Matrix Podcast

Welcome to the first show of End Times Matrix News.  In this episode I focus on the concept of the Matrix.  The Matrix being a false reality constructed to keep humans distracted from what is really going on in life.  The Matrix is the Satanic world system that emphasizes everything that doesn’t matter and attempts to keep people attached to different forms of idolatry.  I go into greater detail on the origins of the Luciferian Plan and agenda promoted by Alice Bailey through the United Nations.  The New World Order is being directed by the Luciferian agenda through the United Nations.  The United Nations is a Satanic Cult.  So there are two awakening processes going on, one Luciferian and one Biblical.  This is summed up in the differentiation of The Wheat & Tares, a story about the separation of those who follow Christ and those that follow Satan.

END TIMES MATRIX PODCAST 1 (<<<<<Click To Listen)


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