Fake Military tasked Snow Chemically Analyzed, Pandemic Plague Cyborgs!

We have now received chemical analysis of the fake snow that is being rained down across the United States.  RevMichelle reports that sources say that this military snow is safe and life saving but when analyzed under the microscope?  What is listed in this video brings into question the veracity of the militaries claims.  These fibers contain nanoparticles called cyborg nanobots.  There is also depleted uranium, crop killing microbes, & desiccated blood cells.  The desiccated blood cells are activated in the aerosol that is being sprayed in order to create pandemic.  You may disagree with her analysis but just looking at the chemical breakdown of this aerosol polymer snow, how can one come to any other conclusion than this is bad.  Has there been any national coverage by the media on all the fake snow reports? No? Will there be? No!  This is even more reason for Americans to store up on vitamins & minerals and known virus & Bacteria fighting health foods.  It is no coincidence that the health care system has been destroyed right before the poisoning of the ground water in West Virginia and now the massive pandemic causing fake snow.  Satan’s seeds are running things and as usual they are homicidal maniacs.  The only answer that all the watchmen have been saying is to accept Jesus Christ and put your full trust in our savior.  These times are only temporary but Jesus is eternal and all those involved in this evil will answer in front of Jesus for their evil.



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