The Planned Destruction Of The Democratic System, Youth Alienated

I have been concerned for a long time about this factor, the complete disillusionment of the youth with the democratic process.  This shows that we are in the end stages of the democratic free world; the next step is tyranny.  The democratic process allowed the masses to have some input in their local and state levels for the past two hundred years.  Until the advent of the complete centralized police state monitoring system, the public still had some input into their lives.  It has become painfully obvious that the computerized vote counting system cannot be trusted and that there are many court cases where people who have programmed the voting machines have rigged elections.  This report shows the mentality of youth and the consequences of having a system based on lies without legal recourse.  I believe that this is a coordinated Psychological Operation being conducted by the UK & The United States to permanently destroy our governmental system of citizen participation.  This lays the groundwork for some “SAVIOR” to enter the seen and say nothing is working but I can fix it.  He will say the current political crisis’s demand immediate action and that governmental systems have become antiquated.  This antichrist savior will be given complete rule over the world to save the children and puppies and get everyone free iphones.  We are right on the edge of total overwhelming change.

I believe that a youth and young adult population who is frustrated by no representation and lack of creative upwardly mobile job opportunities will despair into substance abuse and violence.  The video below is a representation of what the “Ordo Ab Chao” (Order Out of Chaos Freemason Agenda) is for the freedom loving public.


8 thoughts on “The Planned Destruction Of The Democratic System, Youth Alienated

  1. Reblogged this on These Christian Times and commented:
    Great article on a coming false savior and how the youth and adult population will react in that time of need. Read it and understand it because there is no denying it. I notice the title song for Jay Z and Kanye West was ” No Church in the Wild”. Hmmm Tribulation and the Church is absent during that time.

  2. With civil unrest in so any counties including our own to smaller degree now, it is contiually getting easier for “someone” to decieve the many. I think we will see more civil unrest in our own country in the near future.

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