Superbowl 48 False Flag Foreshadowing In Oblivion

Here is some great video research by Enterthestarz on a possible false flag announcement for superbowl 48.  This is just to put out to the general public that these things aren’t put into movies just by chance.  I think the connection between the Book 1984 and it being 33 years(2017 Superbowl)  since that book made me think twice about these illuminati bums that own the world including the NFL.  So is this just their attempt to scare people like they are doing with the Olympics or will these events actually occur?  Here are some interesting photos that come from the illuminati card game which some have linked the combined disaster card clock tower with the Sochi games.



I believe that this year will see major changes and it will be done under the banner of terrorism.  Terrorism that the elite finance to destroy the old order making way for their Satanic New World Order.  You be the judge.


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