Who’s My Daddy? Obama, Wright, Satan?

You can’t make this stuff up.  Reality is stranger than fiction.  The people who put Barry Soetoro in office must have looked at his family tree & dynamics and said this is sure to discredit the office of the Presidency of the United States of America.  That is the objective of the King Makers.  They want to make a laughing stock out of the whole Representative Democratic process.  The American public will never again look upon government with any remote sense of respect and this is sad.  America is being brought down at all levels.  America had a long legacy of good men and women that dedicated their lives to the protection and promotion of the Constitution and to have this shadow government destroy the legacy of the American experiment is the goal of the reprobates that put Barack Hussein Obama into office.  I think that even the brain dead television watching public are starting to become aware that something is terribly wrong in America.  Coverage of Obama’s State of The Union Address by mainstream media is showing the portions of his meaningless presidency that he intends to take us down the dictatorial martial law path.  What was most notable to those that watched the one party televised political theatre was that the peoples representatives had no problem cheering along with his clearly treasonous intention to bypass the congress on many future matters.  He actually made reference to Sandy Hook and his intention to enact something related to this event to make Americans safer.  Of course this means that The Second Amendment will be assaulted by Obama and the march to tyranny will have become a reality for Americans.  Goodbye old America and hello to the joke that our country is being made into by the globalist Satan worshippers.


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